Sludge Treatment

The last phase of the purification process is sludge treatment. This is to improve the quality of the end product so it can be disposed of in the correct way or reused in suitable sectors such as agriculture.
The sludge generated and treated is primary sludge, secondary sludge, biological or active and chemical sludge resulting from chiariflocculation processes.
Green Eco Wastewater manages all aspects of sludge treatment:

  • The SEPARATION of sludge for correct disposal 
  • THICKENING or DRAINING to reduce volumes 
  • The DEHYDRATION PHASE to remove part of the water, using filter pressers, centrifuges, belt presses, etc. 
  • The DRYING PHASE, using a thermal treatment process to reduce volumes 
  • The THERMAL HYDROLYSIS PHASE necessary to improve the decomposition of the organic matter 

Green Eco Wastewater aims to create state-of-the-art systems to:
Comply with the laws in force (eg. Legislative Decree n.152/06).
Reuse sludge as stated in Article 127 of the aforementioned law “the sludge must be reused whenever its reuse is appropriate”.
Optimize costs/benefits.
Protect the environment and workers at the site where you operate.

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Sludge Treatment