Technology: Machines and Processes

Innovation and continuous evolution, our strength.

In Green Eco Wastewater, thanks to a team of engineers and technicians, innovation is continuously fueled by studies and research in the sector.
Our systems are designed taking into account the specific needs of the individual customer: thanks to the preliminary initial meetings, we analyze the problems and customize the project taking into account every possible variable.
We build not only classic plants but also smaller and more modular plants: this is to ensure that even those who have problems with space can manage the purification process and reduce disposal costs.

An example?

GREENTWS01 plant – wastewater treatment

Our GREENTWS01 plant is designed for the treatment of wastewater from all types of industries: from agri-food to textiles, from leachate treatment to the treatment of civil wastewater.
It treats about 3 m3/h and allows a reduction of the BOD5 between 75 and 90%: ideal therefore for those who have problems with organic load and are interested in reducing these quantities. Inside the plant there are 4 treatment sections: