Our Water Treatment Sectors

Agricultural and Food



What is water treatment?

When we talk about wastewater treatment, we refer to the process of removing contaminants from water of industrial or civil origin.
This process is necessary to safeguard people’s health and protect the environment.
For these important purposes, a complete wastewater assessment, especially of the chemical oxygen demand (COD), is essential.

This wastewater assessment is used to optimize the efficiency of the plants.

The purification cycle involves a combination of several chemical, physical and biological processes that we can break down into:

  • Pre-treatments (grating, desanding, deolection, lifting)
  • Primary treatments (primary sedimentation)
  • Secondary treatments (chemical treatments, biological oxidation treatments)
  • Tertiary treatments (denitrification, nitrification, dephosphating, chemical coagulation, flocculation, filtration and absorption on activated carbon, ion exchange, reverse osmosis).